Fischer’s Flicker is the musical brainchild of songwriter, musician and native Chicagoan, Scott Fischer.  Fischer has been writing and performing music since his teenage years, and not just any music- inside Fischer’s brain lurks a colorfully symphonic amusement park.  Attractions include full albums filled with satirical and humorous lyrics, rock operas, rich musical tapestries and metaphorical trips down the memory lane of a mad scientist composer.  A thrilling ride as both spectator and participant, Fischer’s Flicker’s music inspires with big melodies and ambitious composition, taking you on a wildly impassioned journey.

With seven studio albums under his belt, hundreds of live shows and a stretch of corporate cover band gigs which included a five-week Virgin Islands residency, a few large profile shows at “Summerfest” and the “Vince Lombardi Awards”, Fischer never stops pushing boundaries with his ambition and talent.  Additionally, Fischer delivered a stellar performance in “The Rod Stewart Experience” with Carmine Appice and an all-star cast of other Stewart alumni, as well as maintaining a recurrent part of the roundtable on “The official Frank Zappa podcast: Zappacast”.

His evolution in original music consists of bands Deja Voo Doo which became Powderhouse, then morphing into Babaganoo and ultimately, Fischer’s Flicker which includes members and long-time musical contributors Tim Gavin on drums and Andy Sviatko on bass, Rick Lyons and Michael Duttge on guitars.  In 1998, Deja Voo Doo’s Carpe P.M.: Honor Comes Only After Humility was released as a concept album whose success led to Fischer’s involvement in “Zappening 2000” (a tribute festival to Frank Zappa).  Fischer began playing with the multimedia aspects of his live performances during this time, and those revelations encouraged artistic experimentation in other capacities within his musical repertoire, down the road.

From introspective and chest-hitting numbers to eye-rolling, satirical guffaw-out-loud ditties to extended exploratory epics, Fischer has bared it all through his numerous musical releases.  Fischer’s seventh (and latest) album, Open 28 Hours, revisits the humor and camp of Fischer’s previous musical bodies of work, and also maintains a musically mature songwriting style and Fischer’s signature vocals.  Live performances of Open 28 Hours have included a dazzling light show pontificating the vibe of each song.  Fischer’s Flicker has also tested their talent in front of the camera with accompanying music videos as a method of more visibly broadcasting their new material to a wider audience.

Whether Voo’d, Goo’d, Powder’d or Flicker’d, Scott Fischer’s musical career had spanned both time and space with concepts as complex as alien life in faraway galaxies, and as simple and relatable as lost time and broken hearts.  Fischer’s Flicker’s music continues to forge ahead with humor, candor and musical collaboration with Scott Fischer at the helm, conducting the ride.