“Souls” Video


  1. loved the song, sort of a Zappa + Bowie vibe to it.

    would love to know the sources for the video… I recognized Contact and maybe a Dr. Who episode, but what about the cartoons?

    • admin

      They’re all over the place and get pretty obscure from there. Some of the cartoons are Russian in nature. Some of the additional video footage is from the TV adaptation of Budd Hopkins’ book, Intruders. I’m a huge Zappa fan but don’t really see that influence leaking into this tune specifically – but I’ll take the comparison to FZ any day! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by…

  2. admin

    … and if you are a Zappa fan, Carpe P.M. would most likely be the album for you out of this discography! 😉

  3. Souls. Excellent tune! Great feeling!

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